Hi guys,

So this is basically a wiki page. Keep here whatever notes you think are important and, more importantly, make note of all the jokes that will forever be canon in our little band of adventurers.

Personally, I’ll probably add some world and town maps since Roll20 doesn’t let players jump between different maps on their own. I may also add some world building information as we go on (things like politics, history, general knowledge stuff). The main thing with this page is to treat it as a journal with better formatting than the notes page in Roll20.

All the Love,


P.S. Since Rob did it last time and I love it, if anyone wants to make a diary from their character’s point of view please add it to this page. I would love to see you develop your character’s personality and see how they treat the events of the game.

The Tale of the Mysterious Reappearances of a Seemingly Normal Corgi

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